An Ear to Hear- what is it?

An ear to hear is unlike any other service currently offered.
Whilst there are amazing helplines and befriending services ‘an ear to hear’ is a personal assistant to your individual recovery needs.
In those early days, sitting on a waiting list or not getting the advise, support and guidance you need, it’s easy to feel stranded, deserted all at a very critical time and time of being in need of care.

An ear to hear bridges that gap.
In the first instance it’s someone who can offer peer support and who won’t be shocked by anything.
With your consent we can talk to your GP if perhaps you are struggling to vocalise your concerns.
Your parents can speak to us to get encouragement of how they can best support you and the small changes they can make at home.
Whatever your needs, however big or small, a simple ear or more practical support- an ear to hear means you’re not on your own.

“A Big Sister in recovery through the ultimate friendship”

What is so essential is the care that you owe to your mental health. Your wellbeing starts with the mind and the soul, once those two areas are nourished and starting to blossom again, you will then be ready to take on new nutritional challenges, exciting and spontaneous adventures and start to live your beautiful life again with balance, peace and contentment.

Recovery is not a one way process, its not a simple fix, a one stop clinic. Its a journey of total rediscovery- but enjoy it, live it and thrive in it, not may people get the opportunity to truly recreate themselves from the inside out.

This process might seem terrifying especially if you have ever felt alone. But please know that there is an ear to hear.

For full and frank peer support, through email or one to one consultation please get in touch. You’re not on your own and you deserve this opportunity to recover.

Let me listen to these fears

aneartohear is an early intervention peer support resource which encourages those lost and bewildered by their illness to get in touch, reach out and realise that they are not alone.

If you or someone you know, recognise that your mental health is suffering then please get in touch, recognising that you are struggling and recognising that you are looking for ways to cope truly are the first step.

It takes bravery and courage but will give you the strength to find YOU amidst the confusion.

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  1. Birdy says:

    this is the most beautiful thing.


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