EveryBody, EverImperfect

We all have a bad hair day every now and again. We all have dark circles and eye bags when we haven’t had the best nights sleep. We all get spots and have birthmarks and beauty spots in the ‘wrong’ places. Reality is that most of us have a non existent thigh gap and a bit of a double chin when we laugh. We all have scars, mental and physically.

bad hair

There are those times where the roots of our hair are a slightly odd colour, when we haven’t quite had chance to colour it. Lets not forget the day old bit of dandruff or greasy hair that builds up when quite frankly we just can’t be bothered and lets not forget the  occasional patch of dry skin and parts of our face are more shiny than others.

We are all human. And we are all beautiful.

What I am trying to say is that nobody is perfect. No one needs to look like they are appearing on the front cover of vogue every day for the whole world to see and coursejudge. But even then; even if you have been voted the worlds most glamorous woman-  that one grey hair, that one minuscule pimple on the end of your nose should not change the way that people see you- too frequently however it does.

There is too much hatred and vulgarity, based purely on perceived imperfections to our appearance and we need to change. We need to see beyond what is considered ‘fit’ ‘peng’ and ‘hot’ and think more about who these people actually are, inside.

People, women, men, and children. We are all human, all perfectly imperfect.

Most of the models you see in the media have been air brushed to death and are essentially fake. Look at any photo of a celebrity with no make up on or no photoshop and you will see how normal they actually are in real life. Not the smooth skinned, curvy-in-all-the-‘right’-places people they are represented as.

It is so unfair that people are consistently and persistently judged purely by the way that they look like. It is unfair that we are pressurised into looking a certain way because of the way our biggest influences, idols and role models (celebrities, models etc.) are shown to us by our media.

It is even more unfair and heartbreaking that people believe they have to go through extreme pain, both physically and mentally, just to achieve what they have been to believe is normal or acceptable.

How can I sum up, what message can I leave you with: YOLO: you only live once. Don’t waste your time worrying about the way you look or calling OUT other people for how they look, it is quite frankly exhausting and well a bit of a waste of time. No two people are ever going to look exactly the same. We are all different, that is the point of evolution and our creation.


Focus on who people are on the inside. Focus on personality. Focus on who they are, not what they are. Their soul and of course their sparkle.

Rebecca- You are truly so talented- Thank you for allowing me to feature your blog on AnEarToHear and thank you for letting me play a small part in your recovery.

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