AnEartoHear is its simplest form is a peer support site that offers personal, one to one guidance through Eating Disorder recovery.

In the early days of recovery, sitting on a waiting list or not getting the advise, support and guidance that you need, it’s easy to feel stranded and a little lost.

But this is an essential and critical time.

AnEartoHear is one source of comfort.
In the first instance it’s someone who can offer online peer support totally free of charge.

We can take this support further:

  • Face to face/ Skype consultation focusing on recovery goal setting
  • Referral to expert and trusted professionals with specialist areas of expertise.

Whatever your needs, however big or small, a simple ear or more practical support- an ear to hear means you’re not on your own.

Please use the menu to find out how I can help your organisation, loved ones or group to facilitate and run training.


“A Big Sister in recovery through the ultimate friendship”