A Hand To Tap


A history of therapy, with a tap tap tap

I am thrilled to introduce to you Tanya Lovett who has been pivotal in my own recovery from anorexia. Through her work as an EFT practitioner  (emotional freedom technique)  I have been able to make changes that I never thought possible.

To say it changed my life sounds a little cheesy, but even that phrase doesn’t do justice to my experience with tapping.


Combining EFT and my peer experience and training as a wellness coach, our service is an incredible opportunity to turn your recovery around:

What do you get;

  • Fortnightly EFT with Tanya:
    • Flexible appointments to suit your availability
    • Appointments offered either online or face to face
  • Continuous peer support with myself for the duration of the EFT
    • Text. email or phone call- you decide how I can support you through this journey
    • Contact in between sessions to ensure you are able to stay on track and maintain accountability for your recovery and the goals you choose to set.

So what is EFT? Let me introduce Tanya to tell you more:

“EFT is often referred to as “psychological acupuncture”.  It involves tapping with the tips of the fingers on points on the hand, head and upper body that are used in acupuncture.  Brain scans have shown that tapping like this calms the arousal in the amygdala, the primitive part of the brain associated with the flight/fight/freeze reaction we experience when we face something traumatic.  Because this part of the brain is calmer, we do not feel the same negative arousal and panic that we did when we thought about that experience before the tapping.  Thus we have more capacity to cope with scary thoughts and feelings and the more thoughtful parts of the brain are able to see things through logic and calm rather than panic and fear. Such a powerful emotional freedom can result which can result in a very different reaction to food, our bodies and the perceived  criticism of others.”

Together, we will work to help you find your peace in recovery.

Don’t forget I know how tough recovery from an Eating Disorder is and I promise that you are not on your own.

EFT was the lifeline that I had been searching for- let it be yours and contact us for more details.

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