Finding the hope out of Frustration.

I’ve been so humbled and overwhelmed with the increase in traffic to AnEarToHear recently. To receive emails from girls (And yes, sorry it is only girls… so far) who are bravely reaching out for help and support for their eating disorder is almost an honour. They open up, telling me of their highs and lows…

IWD- What NOT to celebrate!

International Women’s Day 8th March 2018. It marks a time that we can celebrate women from every corner of the globe. Whether that be for their academia, their achievements, philanthropy or talent, regardless of their background, ethnicity, or social platform. It is a blessing of a day that having originated in 1911 by the overwhelming…

Your Relationship and You

An inherent part of recovery is the idea of learning to love yourself again. Love the body you have been given, the strength that it gives you and the mind that you are blessed with. We are encouraged to treat our bodies with self care, respect and rest. Learning to listen to the internal cues…

An Ear to Hear- what is it?

Find out about how An Ear to Hear can help you or your loved one and why no one is alone in their road back to hope, health and happiness.

Holiday vacation?

A diary entry written in the confusion and anguish of being on holiday