New YogaED

Thursday, 6.30-

Evergreen Studios, Letchworth

A restrictive easting disorder is a screaming voice. It’s relentless, exhausting and overwhelming often resulting in an inability to ignore our own inner voice. We are simply deafened by the sound of power and persuasion, defending the need for the illness and justifying its controlling presence.

Learning to listen our bodies, allowing our whole person to relax, tune in and heal.

This is where the restorative power of yoga can help so much and why I am so thrilled to be working with Alex at Yoga Therapy With Alex. Her unparalleled experience in mental health and training in eating disorders means that we our class will promote the healing nature of restorative yoga as well as learning coping mechanisms for moments when the screams continually deafen.

“We hope to bring a Minded yoga for those struggling with food and body image issues.  This holistic therapeutic yoga class brings together yoga postures, breathing practices, mindfulness meditation and community support to enhance your wellbeing, rebalance your nervous system and develop the ability to regulate thoughts and emotions more effectively.  We want to support you in building a more compassionate relationship with your body and self”.- From Alex