The dress- a vision of admiration

I have been so busy of late working on a very exciting project which I am able to start sharing with you. A project which I am proudly working on with the incredible team at The Recovery College ELFT Bedford and Harlington Upper School

Over the past few months and into the next year, we have and will be collecting and distributing small fabric squares. We are asking YOU (if not yet, then I need to come and say hello!) to write a simple handwritten message of BODY ACCEPTANCE, APPRECIATION AND GRATITUDE. 

What these messages symbolise is that we, in all our glory, in all our beauty and with every lump, bump and dent are absolutely fabulous.

The weight on the scale, the reflection in the mirror, the size of your clothes or the width or your waist band, really. DO NOT MATTER. 

We are so excited to be holding the most incredible FASHION SHOW on October 10th right in the middle of Bedford Harpur Shopping Mall which will showcase all of our incredible and truly beautiful handmade pieces of clothing.

But the project won’t end there. Positive body image os not something that we should ever stop talking about.

Check out the photos below- stay in touch and watch as this message grows, blossoms and blooms across the County… Borough… Country?

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