WelcomeHear is an exciting and unique venture that we would like to introduce you to- a real statement for your business and a simple way for you to stand out, be recognised and really valued by local and hopefully national communities.

Mental health is possibly one of the most stigmatised conversations currently being had. It has been thankfully brought to the spotlight with the amazing work of the Royal Family and the pledges by electoral parties to aid additional funding. But it’s the people at the very base of this discussion where we should be casting our attention- to the ones who desperately need help, support and guidance.

As part of my own battle with anorexia, I came across many hurdles imposed by lack of funding and resources and felt incredibly let down by the limited peer support and post recovery restoration- how do we live post illness? What fills the void of our anorexic, alcoholic, depressive or even suicidal voices? Well simply put- life and identity should fill that void.

For me, I really struggled with this latter stage of recovery. I didn’t know how to dress for my new bigger yet so much more beautiful body, I was scared of being touched so wouldn’t indulge in self care and I was nervous of social interactions so avoided hairdressers for example.

Welcomehear is for you to put your businesses name to, in the future we hope to have window stickers that can be displayed, to show that your business welcomes and will be considerate of someone who is facing their fears and demons by coming to see you. It doesn’t require any training, or understanding of the mechanisms of an illness but simply shows that we are welcome. That you see us without judgement if, at 26 our mums come to the hairdressers or we need to stop half way through a massage. Perhaps we shed a little tear facing our full body in the mirror or get nervous sitting for excessive periods of time.

Welcomehear simply means that we are welcome without judgement, stigma or question. But with understanding, acceptance and appreciation for everything we have been through, continue to go through and fight to get through.

Be a Welcomehear business and be part of a voice coming together to say

“It’s ok, you’re welcome here…”